A quick list of the reasons why our docks stand out from the rest.

1. A Shore Side Dock Will Last

Our docks stand the test of time. With minimal maintenance, they’ll be the only dock you’ll ever want or need. You’ll likely be able to pass it off to your grandchildren. A Shore Side Dock is an investment that won’t let you down. It’s an investment that encourages you to have fun.

2. We’re Locally-Built

All of our docks are manufactured locally here in New England. We don’t ship our docks in from overseas, rather all our dock frames are built here in our shop in Oxford, MA. Come visit sometime!

3. Our Docks are Sold by Users

We truly believe in our products, which is why a lot of us at Shore Side have our own Shore Side Docks and dock accessories. We don’t sell products that we wouldn’t use ourselves.

4. Ultimate Customizability

With our broad product line and plethora of interchangeable parts and dock options, you have nearly endless options for designing your perfect dock. This allows our customers to get the appearance of a custom dock job without the hassle and cost of one.

5. Ease-of-Use

Our docks’ simple design makes installing and uninstalling your dock easier than ever before. Our broad range of dock attachment options also contributes to this ease-of-use. Uneven lake-bed? Easily adjust the heights of your legs to compensate. Kayaks or canoes getting in the way? Attach a kayak rack to store your canoe or kayaks. If you’ve ever struggled with heavy and stubborn wooden docks, working with our docks will bring a smile to your face.