Decking Options


Stay on top with our selection of beautiful, rugged and functional decking options. You can choose the deck that best fits your site, comfort, and budget.

Selections include Standard Decking Panels, PVC Plank Decking, and Sunwalk Dock (aka ‘True Harbor’) slotted PVC decking panels.

Complete List of All Decking Options:

(1)  Composite – Cape Cod Grey

(2)  Composite – Mahogany

(3)  Composite – Bridle

(4)  PVC – Grey

(5)   PVC – Tan

(6)  Natural Wood – Cedar

(7)  True Harbor – Grey


We no longer offer Composite Cedar decking. We source our composite decking panels from MoistureShield. The specific decking panels we use for our composite decking is wood composite decking from the MoistureShield Vantage line. These decking panels are built with a solid impermeable core and have a lifetime warranty. Check out MoistureShield Vantage decking panels for more information about the materials behind our boat dock decking panels.


Our new Bridal decking is featured in a dock configuration by Adirondack Floating Dock Shop in the photo gallery to the left.