Can I install my dock myself?

Yes. The size and configuration of your dock as well as your site and where you are gong to store the system will determine how easy it will be to get your dock in and out every season. It is best to consider this when you are designing your dock so that you purchase the system that best fits your needs and your budget.

What tools are required to install a Shore Side Dock?

The only tools you need are two 9/16th wrenches, a half inch wrench, a number 3 Phillips screwdriver, and a flat head screwdriver. Shore Side Docks provides a tool for adjusting the height of the screw leg. That said, there are some helpful tools that could make installs and removals even easier:

  • 9/16th and ½” deep sockets wrenches
  • Battery operated Impact Wrench
  • Battery operated drill
  • 24mm deep socket (for screw legs)
  • Hammer
  • Waders
  • Gloves

Can I leave my dock in during the winter?

Shore Side Docks products are not warrantied for damage caused by ice. If your dock, lift systems, or accessories are not at a safe distance from the water in the off season and the water freezes your system is likely to be damaged. The most dangerous situation for your dock is when the ice is moving, which usually occurs during a thaw.

How much does it cost to have my dock installed/taken out?

It is best to talk to your provider regarding what they offer for install and removal services. Some charge by the hour, some may charge by the number of sections, the layout of the site, or whether there is a need for additional equipment, such as a barge or a crane. A 30’ straight dock in an easy to access site should cost around $300 a season to put in and take out.

How much maintenance should I expect with my Shore Side Dock?

Shore Side Docks require little to no maintenance depending on the configuration of your system. Beyond cleaning up after the water fowl natural wood decking may need to be treated each season, whereas composite and PVC decks may just need to be power washed every few years. We want you to be an enjoyee not an employee of your dock.

Are dock surfaces slick when wet?

It depends on which decking you are using. Composite, PVC, and True Harbor deck panels are typically very solid to walk on when wet. Natural wood will depend on what you use to treat and seal the surface. It is always good to keep your dock surface clear of debris, dirt, and doo doo.

How hot does the surface of the dock get in the summer?

That depends on the climate you are in, whether the dock is in direct sunlight, and which type of decking you have. Generally speaking all of our deck surfaces are comfortable to walk on in typical seasonal conditions. Your provider can help you determine the best decking for your situation.

Will the dock damage my boat(s)?

Shore Side Dock bumpers are designed to protect your boat from contacting the dock’s aluminum frame. Your provider can help you determine the proper protection for your system.

I read through the FAQ and still have questions. Where can I ask them?

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have about our products and services. We love helping our customers.

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