A few quick tips on how you can maximize profits for your business

Residual Income is income that you continue to receive after the original income-receiving service or work is done. Residual income is an incredibly valuable form of income for a business and especially for a small business or independent contractor as it provides a reliable recurring cash flow and reduces the overall risk of your business. If you’re interested in building more residual income streams, read more about how Shore Side Docks can help with that below.

How To Establish Residuals With Docks

A lot of work as a contractor is put into finding, quoting and booking jobs. When you sell a dock, you are simultaneously booking a recurring job installing and uninstalling that same dock each year. For every dock you sell, you are adding a residual income stream and decreasing the amount of time and energy you have to put into finding, quoting and booking contracts. This isn’t residual income in the pure sense of the word in that you still have to perform labor to acquire the income, but has a very similar effect on your business. You can spend less time on the phone and more time making money.

We Make It Easy.

As a small and local manufacturer, we can build almost any size dock you want in nearly all types of water and climate conditions. Selling a small 30 foot dock? No problem. We don’t have huge minimum limits on our shipments. Working a big deal with 100+ feet of dock? Even better. Whatever size project, we’re here to help work out the details and send you the product. We also don’t require you hold any inventory.

Increasing Demand All Over New England

We do business all over New England and the Northeast. We’re looking for more dealers to fill in some of the gaps in our dealer network. If you’re interested in building more residual income through dock sales and installs then you should contact us to see if you’re in a high-demand, low coverage area.

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