Classic Dock


The original Shore Side Dock (and our most affordable) made from rugged 6061T Structural Grade Aluminum. The Classic features a light weight welded aluminum frame with 5” tubular side rails and 1½” X 2” cross bars every 28” we add a 1” X 1” stringer right up the middle from end to end. Independent dynamically adjustable legs use set screws to adjust leg height with no holes to align providing for more accurate leveling. 2” x 2” Leg pockets are welded inside and below the deck for a more stable, solid leg support system, which also allows for Shore Side Docks famously attractive clean deck and side look with no obstructions. Drop in decking panels provide for easy installation and removal and complete the clean no seam traditional look of this beautiful dock.

Classic Dock is available in 4’ and 5’ widths and 5’ and 10’ lengths. Sections easily bolt together to make virtually any dock configuration.

Frames can be ordered with 18”, 24”, or 48” 2” X 2” Welded-In Leg Pockets. Leg Configurations are available as Straight (2 leg pockets on one end), Side (2 leg pockets on one side), or Four Pocket (2 leg pockets on each end). Classic legs are available in lengths from 12” to 84”.

The system includes stainless steel hardware, brass nylocks.

A 1/2” & 9/16” wrench are the only tools from you required.

Rugged, Stable, Long Lasting, and Affordable. Nothing beats the value of Shore Side Docks Classic Dock Systems.


Classic Dock Frame

Width Length Weight* Warranty
4’ 5’ 30 lbs Limited Lifetime
4’ 10’ 55 lbs Limited Lifetime
5’ 5’ 35 lbs Limited Lifetime
5’ 10’ 60 lbs Limited Lifetime

*frame Only, without decking



Type Width Length Weight Warranty
Natural Cedar 4′ 2.5’ 23 lbs 1 Season
Natural Cedar 5, 2.5’ 28 lbs 1 Season
TrueHarbor 4′ 5’ 27 lbs 12 Years
Composite 4′ 2.5’ 45 lbs 50 Years (Mfg)
Composite 5, 2.5’ 57 lbs 50 Years (Mfg)
EndDeck PVC 4′ 2.5’ 23 lbs Limited Lifetime (from manufacturer)
EndDeck PVC 5, 2.5’ 28 lbs Limited Lifetime (from manufacturer)